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Rey :)
"It still can't shine as bright as you."
Look who I just met ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Look who I just met    

"Do you like piercing nape ?"

Anonymous sent:
"Over who are you fanrigling the most?"
Justin Bieber

Anonymous sent:
"Who do you ship the most when it goes to your friends?"
Liam and Zayn 100%

(Source: spnfans)

Anonymous sent:
"what did he think? who's his favorite?"
If you mean Supernatural, then he likes Dean :)

Anonymous sent:
"When was the last time you smiled and why"
A few minutes ago because Jake made a stupid joke :))

Anonymous sent:
"What would your perfect guy be like?"
Funny and understanding and a bit crazy, just like me :)


Yell about sports with me and tell me I’m pretty